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Bold Street Coffee: A brilliant coffee shop run exclusively by people who love their Nicaraguan, their Costa Rican and their El Salvadorian.

Owner Sam Tawil selects, blends and supervises the roasts for his constantly refreshed house brews – and oversees a joint that’s fast become a city staple.

Part art gallery, part sociable working space, part high altar to high altitude arabica, BSC takes the mid-morning perk into something approaching transcendental. The flat white is phenomenal, the service smiley, the sandwiches satisfying.

The antidote to chain coffee, and a reason to fall in love with the bean again, Bold Street Coffee is the sort of coffee bar every city should have but very few, in reality, do.

Bold Street Coffee, an independent rising from the site of the Liverpool mini-chain, Coffee Union, opened in the summer and, in the space of a season, it’s established itself as our coffee house of choice.

Evidently we’re not alone – as BSC’s attracting everyone from those content to while away a couple of hours on their MacBook, to those with ‘proper’ jobs in the big city.

Tawil admits to some initial doubts. “I did have some trepidation at the prospect of adding to an already crowded marketplace,” he tells us.

He needn’t have worried. Mere minutes after meeting him, Tawil’s enthusiasm for his trade comes across loud and clear.

So what’s the secret?

“If you make really good coffee, people will come.”

Sourcing his beans direct from the growers, Tawil is committed to ensuring a fair price, and forging mutually beneficial relationships for all concerned.

In the course of the conversation, it becomes clear Tawil has a simple plan: “To run the best coffee shop in Liverpool”.