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One the corner of two streets in Liverpool’s sometimes-bohemian, sometimes-beautiful, sometimes-rough-around-the-edges Georgian Quarter is one of the best pubs in Liverpool, The Caledonia.

It was not always like this. Go back a decade and it had washing machines stacked at the back of it. Novel, but not a place you’d venture into unless you had to. Around the same time it found a sort of fame for staging nightclub pre- or after-parties. We forget which.

The pub is named after one of the first three ships to be commissioned by local shipbuilder Cunard, they were launched in 1837 and were Post Ships with accommodation sailing between Liverpool, New York and Boston. Look very carefully and you can see the pub’s interior featuring in Ken Loach’s 1968 film The Golden Vision.

Now, with very little difference to the naked eye, The Caledonia is a very different pub altogether. Serving excellent real ales from breweries around the region – Peerless, Tatton, Northern Brewery, Liverpool Craft – the Caledonia has put beer back at the front of its offering.

Music and More at The Caledonia

The Caledonia also offers wonderful homecooked food for a fiver(ish) and has become famous for Sunday night music events, with the Loose Moose String Band or Blink Monk Trio (amongst other bands and outfits) taking up residency and making this small corner of the city-centre outskirts a busy hub of friendship and fun. The amount of gigs at the pub is frankly a bit ridiculous.

The Caledonia is a great example of a Liverpool pub made good. Landlady Laura King has transformed the corner pub into a friendly and lively space. When it was threatened with closure due to a nearby development Liverpool came out in force to save its beloved real-ale pub.

Don’t expect fruit machines, juke boxes or Sky Sports News, but do enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, dogs, a board game and a chat with a pint of good beer. Oh, did we mention there’s a community library? Of course there’s a community library!