Review: Andrew Doyle at the Brindley

Date: 12/02/2019

There’s clearly a certain level of anxiety that has accompanied Andrew Doyle tonight. I mean, fair play to him, this is his proper tour, as he explains right from the start. He’s been doing the club scene for a long time now but never as a full tour. And in all honesty, the nerves show. But is this a bad thing?

Absolutely not! In fact, quite a few of the jokes seem to rely on this bag-of-nerves aesthetic. From awkward conversations about his sexuality, to awkward conversations about his political standpoint, the running discomfort of it all offers the observer a much better insight into Doyle’s mind.

The frantic delivery of the jokes quite often makes it seem like he has a million and one things on his mind, making for some erratic but deeply personal stand-up. Sometimes the jokes don’t land quite as well as they should have due to the sheer speed of the delivery, but this is made up for by the quantity of jokes on offer here. If one misfires, the next will surely land.

Of course, Doyle is most famous for co-creating the character Jonathan Pie, a foul mouthed political news reporter than became an internet sensation. Due to the nature of this character, you’d be right in thinking a large section of the set would be political. What is more surprising is the nature of the political jokes. Rather than the cantankerous and almost stubborn Pie, the opinions here are much more grounded in reality.

Both viewpoints are often taken into account, and rarely are either side referred to as idiotic. Instead, Doyle finds the humor in recognising that political situation we’re in is actually confusing as all hell – and whatever side of Brexit you’re leaning towards, none of us really have a bloody clue what’s going on.

The wry observational side of his comedy meeting up with the political side is a nice mix. It’s witty and clever, but most people can still relate. While the audience here tonight may not be huge, everyone leaves laughing. Hopefully this first solo tour of Doyle’s will be the first of many.

Written by Jamie Tichborne

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