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A campaigning theatre company with its roots in roots in experimental theatre, with a modus operandi of bringing theatre to the masses, the Unity Theatre is backed by some of Liverpool’s greatest actors (David Morrissey is a patron) and stages the highest number of productions of any theatre in Liverpool, with up to ten productions and performances a month.

The Unity tends to feature an engaging mix of new and established talent and productions, with an emphasis on theatre but detours into comedy, musicals and one-man shows. Touring productions and local productions all find a home at the Unity, which is based in Liverpool’s ‘cultural’ or Georgian Quarter.

Born out of left-wing theatre groups, the Unity Theatre has moved on to productions as widespread as pantomimes, stand-up comedy and dramatic theatre. If there are artistic risks being taken in Liverpool theatre the chances are it’s at the Unity – The Guardian once described it as ‘the most ambitious theatre in Liverpool’.

It also retains links with the nearby LIPA – Paul McCartney’s drama school while retaining a link to the past – the aim of making theatre accessible to all – in the form of staging workshops and operating as a performance space for local productions.

The Unity Theatre is tucked away down a small street in Liverpool beautiful Georgian Quarter and based in a converted synagogue. With two performances spaces there are often two productions being staged at the same time. The Unity Bar is a surprisingly lovely – if cosy – addition to the building serving some local beers, wine and spirits.

If you fancy a drink afterwards you’re in luck – the Georgian Quarter has some of Liverpool’s best pubs. The Roscoe Head, The Belvedere and Ye Cracke are all within walking distance and offer real ales and a convivial atmosphere.

Visiting the Unity Theatre

The Unity isn’t especially close to any of the city centre’s train stations: Liverpool Central and Lime Street are equidistant, while the number 86, 80 and 75 buses pass close by – they connect south Liverpool to the city centre. Alternatively they can take you from the town centre to Catharine Street for the Unity if you don’t fancy a walk up the inclined Leece Street.