Things to do:

Dead Crafty Beer Bar is an exposed brick, chipboard and floorboard-table drinking space that hosts a massive range of keg from a rotating list of brewers both local and international. You want choice? How about a frankly massive range of 20 taps and over 100 bottles?

When we’ve been they’ve had on Siren, Brooklyn, Hawskhead, Mad Hatter and local wrestling-obsessed hop-botherers Top Rope, but Dead Crafty also has Beer with the Brewer and Tap Takeover events,featuring keg launches and one offs brews. There are beer-and-nosh food combos too, not least with the likes of Heritage restaurant.

As the name might suggest, Dead Crafty Beer Bar is a craft brew bar selling schooners of beer for £3.50 and up. From summer ales to IPAs, porters and the ever-more exotic, there’s a beer here with your name on it.

Founded by a husband-and-wife team who stumbled across a craft beer bar in Texas, a concept they brought back to Dale Street, it’s keg in a landscape of cask – but don’t let that put you off. Dead Crafty is quite unlike any of the other beer vendors on Dale Street, but if you like beer, you’ll like it here.

There’s a mixture of gaudy, reclaimed and upcycled furniture with plenty of vintage-effect beerphernalia. It combines to give the impression of a dive bar crossed with a communal living area – the sight of Dolly the Tibetan terrier pin this dog-friendly bar is confirmation of the laidback aesthetic.

Dead Crafty Beer Bar is only open from 4pm Tue-Thu and noon-til-midnight at the weekend, there’s no food on offer and seating space is limited, but is a pleasant and relaxed space with over a dozen keg beers at any given time, in a place where craft beer barely has a foothold among an expanse of real ale and lager vendors.

Whether that appeals is probably very much personal choice, but the beer is good, varied and Dead Crafty Beer Bar presents a very different option in an area that thumbs its nose at what this small bar is offering.