Things to do:

Etsu, situated in Liverpool’s business district and tucked away on Beetham Plaza, is the most authentic looking and tasting Japanese/sushi bar this side of Osaka.

Etsu’s talented chef prepares ‘designer’ sushi plates fresh each day, from Maki, rolled in seaweed, to Nigiri on a bed of rice (and evidently has fun doing it: your sushi might come disguised as a burger, for example).

They’ll all arrive with rice, salad and stir fry, sauces – spicy, fruity, umami… and, hey, what’s to stop you having a cheeky Sake? Swift service and, what, five minutes from your office? Etsu offers an eastern take on fast food that our hearts will thank us for.

Etsu’s bento boxes are the city’s best square meal.

Fish and meat dishes are served with a selection of delicate and spicy traditional Japanese sauces, Japanese curries and deep fried Tofu. Great vegetarian selection, too.

Etsu’s bento boxes (only available at lunchtime) are the city’s best square meal. Compartmentalised boxes of fresh tempura, pork loin braised in ginger, sashimi sushi, salmon or sirloin – all for under a tenner.

Unsure? Leave it in the hands of Etsu’s genial owner, Dave Abe, to choose for you and be prepared for a culinary journey through japan.

Etsu’s dizzying selection of premium Saki and Shochu drinks menu – there are ten of the latter, an alcoholic drink usually distilled from barley, sweet potato or rice – is well worth exploring, too. Great value.