Things to do:

Where once there were abandoned docks and heavy metals, the Otterspool Promenade now presents a wonderful connection between the city centre and South Liverpool. Head south from the Albert Dock along the Mersey and you can reach as far as Cressington.

Along the way is Liverpool Marina, the Festival Gardens, a Liverpool ‘Walk Of Fame’ – including stars dedicated to the likes of Ken Dodd and Cilla Black – and Otterspool Promenade. It’s somewhere between a park and a outdoor leisure centre.

People gather at Otterspool Promenade, which incorporates a park where kid’s TV show Why Don’t You? was filmed in the 80s, to ride bikes, fly kites, spot swallows whirling overhead and exercise on the gym equipment helpfully built there by the council.

If you need more there’s Active Adventures, with its ziplining, climbing and abseiling also on the Prom. There’s a Harvester and ever-curious Britannia Inn along the way too, should you choose to shovel down a roast dinner.

By the water you can expect wonderful views across the fast-flowing, tidal estuary of the Mersey and beautiful dawns and dusks as the sun rises and falls over the Wirral.