Things to do:

Sapporo Teppanyaki is a theatrical Japanese/Asian restaurant featuring egg-flinging cooks, wielding severe knives, searingly hot plates and flaming pans of hot oil. Sounds like a health and safety nightmare, but is, in fact, good fun – should you seek a juggling sushi chef, we’d say this should be your first port of call.

Situated at the top of Duke Street in the Ropewalks – becoming something of a hotspot for upmarket Liverpool restaurants – guests are gathered around square tables with the chef in the centre doing his best to show you a million ways to make egg fried rice, and chop and sauté a chicken while balancing an egg in his chef’s hat. It’s kind of the opposite of the vibe in Etsu – but that doesn’t mean there’s not rom for both in Liverpool.

Teppanyaki dining (cooking using a hot plate) doesn’t have to come with theatre attached, you can simply grab a table and order delicious beef chilli, a Teppanyaki set banquet featuring sushi, spring rolls, tempura vegetables and a selection of mains, or sample any of the delicious sushi, followed by Salmon Teriyaki, or eight ounces of Wagyu beef.

Of course, much of the menu is all about the sushi. Lots to choose from at Sapporo Teppanyaki, including nigiri, sashimi, maki… can’t decide? What about a sharing plate of 28 pieces? Yes please.

There are early diner menus – £16.50 for two courses and a drink – and express lunches from £5 for a noodle bowl or a tenner for Bento boxes featuring Katsu chicken curry, salmon teriyaki or vegetable yakisoba with soups and sushi. Needless to say there Sake, hot or cold, a good selection of Japanese beers and plenty of Japanese-influenced cocktails too, though we can’t vouch for the Oriental whiskeys.

But the stars here – perhaps the reason Sapporo Teppanyaki has made such an impression in Liverpool – are the theatrics and the simple food, cooked well. Despite eggs in hats and the fancy knifework, Sapporo Teppanyaki is simply a good Japanese restaurant.