Things to do:

Originally a quarry, St James Gardens hunkers beneath the largest cathedral in the UK (although it didn’t supply the stone to build it). This sunken labyrinth of recesses, tunnels, grand Victorian monuments and peaceful arbours is one of the city’s most dramatically situated green spaces.

Add to that the sandstone cliff-faces of the Anglican Cathedral soaring overhead and you’ve got yourself a city centre stunner of a park. Some call it the dead centre of town. We couldn’t possibly comment. We do know it’s the city’s only Grade One listed Historic Park, and is definitely worth a wander.

Look for Tracy Emin’s little bird sculpture (Roman Standard) on a pole by the Greek-style Oratory building at the Cathedral’s entrance, and the stunning Elisabeth Frink statue of Christ at the west door. St James Gardens boasts a natural spring too – and plenty of secluded and enigmatic nooks and crannies.