Things to do:

Much loved by the students and lecturers of the University of Liverpool, the Cambridge (partnered by the nearby, much smaller Oxford) isn’t renowned among lovers of real ale, but offers a boisterous place to enjoy a beer (Marston’s last time we checked) and soak up the collegiate atmosphere of the university campus. Students and lecturers traditionally run shoulder in the Cambridge, neutral territory on the uni’s precinct.

Sunday nights used to be good for quizzes – and you may be able to find a dartboard in the dark recesses of The Cambridge, but what you have here is a fundamentally honest, down-to-Earth English boozer.

Expect bar meals catering for the more affordable end of the market and regular quizzes. If you can get a seat then take your drink and drink in the heady academic atmosphere on the University campus. Well, that or the smell of nearby students.