Things to do:

Known to students and locals alike as the place to go for an inexpensive meal in south Liverpool for a couple of decades now, the Tavern Company offers tasty Mexican and Creole food with a definite ‘does-what-it-say-on-the-tin’ ethos.

Don’t assume that has ever dented the Tavern’s popularity though – the crowds at Tavern breakfasts are second only to the thronged masses at Anfield or Goodison on matchday.

The Tavern’s two levels – including a recently-added extension – never seem less than busy and service is always brisk. Favourite include the Halloumi Burger, Chimichanga and Southern Fried Catfish. The menu has barely changed in two decades – a testament to its popularity – even if older heads maintain that the Tavern isn’t quite as top-notch as it used to be.

Feel free to drop in if you’re not hungry though, the Tavern Company offers a wonderfully subdued and simple bar area – barely lit by candlelight – that’s perfect for a date or simply winding up to a meal in the restaurant.

A sister restaurant located in town closed its doors as the management decided to focus attention on the Smithdown Road Tavern Company branch, now a hub of restaurants and bars at the end of Penny Lane.

Our tip if you’re fighting off a hangover or simply in need or morning sustenance? Try the generous English, American or Mexican brekkies – or detox by going continental or choosing fruit.