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The U-Boat Story’s recent history has been almost as dramatic as their war record. Brought to Birkenhead to form a collection of historic warships, the rare World War Two submarine U534 was part of the largest collection of preserved 20th century warships in Europe.

But that collection has now been broken up (literally) and all that remains is this German U-Boat (the Falklands veteran, HMS Plymouth is rusting away in Birkenhead docks). To fit into its new location, alongside the Woodside ferry terminal in Birkenhead, the U-Boat has been unceremoniously sliced into four: a fate not even the allied attacks didn’t manage.

But there is still much worth seeing, with interactive displays telling the story of World War II German submarines through the vessel’s exposed cross-sections with their glass viewing partitions. There U-Boat Story also has a wonderfully preserved Enigma machine.

Admission charged, cafe, guided tours gift shop.