Things to do:

Perhaps the pub in Liverpool that can stake the most claim to being a Beatles pub (there are many). Back in the day John Lennon and his art school buddies drank regularly in Ye Cracke.

Nowadays Ye Cracke is an honest pub without gimmickry or much in the way of modern accoutrements. There is a jukebox, however, and it’s usually playing good tunes. The walls are covered with pub-, Liverpool- and Beatles-themed paraphernalia alongside some local art of variable quality.

There are a few handpulls (Thwaites, Hophurst); we don’t think they do food, but we expect you can get a pickled egg.

While you can watch a TV in the front snug, most people gather at Ye Cracke to talk and enjoy the atmosphere. There’s also a large beer garden out back that catches the sun beautifully in summer.

Originally called The Ruthin Castle, Ye Cracke has a long history, however the enigmatic War Office – a tiny snug built for war bores to trade stories of derring-do without annoying fellow drinkers – is the oldest part of the modern pub, which consists of several rooms. Do check out the mural of Wellington greeting Marshal Blücher at the Battle of Waterloo in the lounge.

Irregulars sometimes claim surly service from the people behind the bar, but we’ve never had any bother.