“British wrestling used to be really fun – we want to bring that back” – Atomic Drop: Atomic Wrestling returns with Nuclear Winter

Date: 20/11/2023

There’s a nuclear winter coming but never fear – it’s a wrestling show. But not just any wrestling show: this is the latest from Wrestle Atomic, Liverpool’s newest wrestling promotion, promising a showcase of the best established and up-and-coming, local and regional talent.

Host Che Burnley and partners, all wrestling enthusiasts including former WWE NXT stars, kicked things off in April this year at Azvex Brewery, one of Liverpool’s newest craft breweries, sited where The Strand meets Leeds Street. Since then there’ve been four sold-out shows, with a fifth on its way for 6th December.

Promising ‘live pro wrestling in a brewery’, grapplers announced include Tony Wright, Joe Kessler, Harley Hudson, Rob Drake, Made To Last and Sam Bailey. While the wrestling may not be PG, it’s suitable for all ages, says Che. We caught up with him to see why he’s got into the ‘rasslin business.

Monster Mash, Credit Atomic Wrestling

Who are you and what inspired you to start a wrestling promotion?

“We’re a couple of like-minded people who loved wrestling. All of our wrestlers were a part of Fighting Spirit, a training facility run by former WWE NXT wrestlers Zach Gibson and James Drake. We want to carry on their mentality and what they represent.”

Wrestling and beer? Surely not! What can people expect?

“Fun! It was one of our major aims setting up the company and the shows. British wrestling used to be really fun, and we want to bring that back. Our youngest fans are seven or eight whilst our oldest can be up to 70 years old.”

“We’ve sold out every show so far. It’s getting off the ground, currently there’s a renaissance in British wrestling. We seem to have found our niche and it’s fun watching it grow.”

Monster Mash, Credit Atomic Wrestling

Surely if you’ve seen one wrestling show you’ve seen them all?

“We would like to keep everything tight and running smooth, the level of professionalism from the wrestlers is great we don’t have to worry about that aspect, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels either. When everyone comes to the show they know what to expect and have a good time – and we’re based in a brewery!”

Which matchup are you most looking forward to?

“Personally, there’s a three-way tag team match with Made To Last going up against Meat Wagon and Act2 – they’re having a match over tag team jackets, which is something we do. In the last fight, Meat Wagon ripped Made to Last’s jackets up so there’s a great storyline.

I’m also looking forward to Harley Hudson’s match which will be a four-way match against Lizzy Evo, Helen Charlotte Campbell and Sam Bailey. Harley just signed to Impact Wrestling. It’s great she’s moving to bigger things and started with us.”

Credit Atomic Wrestling

• Tickets are available to purchase at https://wrestleatomic.com/