Baltic Triangle

Baltic Triangle: Imagine an area where garages, warehouses and timber yards rubs shoulders with multi-use churches, left-wing music venues and one of the city’s most innovative performance spaces.

Thought of, perhaps fancifully at present, as Liverpool’s answer to New York’s meatpacking district, this section of the city centre has seen a variety of bars, galleries and other spaces pop up thanks to a collective need for cheap rents.

With more than a hint of Victorian industry (the area’s far from gentrified), the Baltic Triangle currently has only a handful of lynchpins that ensure regular traffic to the area, but it’s growing by the week.

While it can stake a claim to being Liverpool’s most prominent tech/geek/culture zone – with most of the city’s new creatives working out of the area – there’s also music festivals like Threshold, regular live music across spaces like Camp and Furnace and The Picket, and a variety of events at the Nordic Church, which juggles services for Scandinavian seamen with innovative music and theatre events.

Public transport links are currently a weak point, but the Triangle is in easy walking distance of the city centre and waterfront.