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“I’m not motivated by money” – Fika owner Anthony Grice on friends, farmer’s markets and feeding Liverpool

Much more than a coffee shop, a businessman or a chef, Fika owner Anthony Grice lives up to the spirit of community in the city.

• Food and Drink

“Good music, good people, good vibes!” – How East River brought New York to Liverpool

“Everyone gets on really well around here” East River owner on Allerton Road’s burgeoning food scene and surviving lockdown.

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“People made a point of coming in to support us” – How Espresso Plus turned lockdown into a positive

While many businesses have seen a huge shift to takeaways, for one Mossley Hill independent, Espresso Plus, it wasn’t the case.

• Food and Drink

“Customers drive for hours just to try our food” – Love Kimchi brings Korean-style colour and flavour to Smithdown

Authentic Korean food on Smithdown Road? The idea seemed impossible. But Love Kimchi has come to the rescue with a riot of flavour and colour.

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“The risks were the same as anytime” – Why Skaus opened their new cafe in a pandemic

After around four years of operating at several pop-up sites, Skaus have found the perfect place to call home.

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The Power Of Ten: Tenner Festival Brings Food, Drink and Gifts to Liverpool – For A Tenner

Candice Mulligan is bringing The Tenner Festival to Liverpool and tells us where you can get a good meal, a gift, a care package for just ten English pounds…

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“Somehow it magically works!” Coffee & Turntables on bringing music to a daytime audience

What happens when you take the night out of nightlife and replace a Jägerbomb with a latte instead? That’s the question posed by Coffee & Turntables…

• Food and Drink

Duke Street Market Launches New Breakfast Menu

Not content with offering food and drink for your lunch and dinner (and supper), Duke Street Market is now serving the most important meal of the day.

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