“Good music, good people, good vibes!” – How East River brought New York to Liverpool

Josh Roberts East River
Date: 05/03/2021

Along the Allerton Road high street, amongst the various bars and restaurants, behind a set of bi-folding doors, is East River – a little slice of America, says Jamie Tichborne.

“I love New York. I love the brunch; I love the casual dining and drinking culture, it’s one of my favourite places to visit,” says Josh Roberts, the owner of East River.

East River is one of the newer bar-cum-eateries to open on Allerton Road and – like much of the sector – has had a tough year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and of-off lockdowns.

“The pandemic has been tough for us,” says Josh. “We were just past our first year and starting to become established when the first wave happened.

“We have remained positive though. We’ve used the time to improve our offer and our brand throughout the lockdowns, so in that respect, a lot of good has come from it. It’s afforded us the time that we wouldn’t normally have.”

“The restrictions have meant a higher demand for food than we had pre-Covid, so we’ve improved and extended our food offer. We’ve also refurbed and extended our kitchen ready for our reopening in May.”

“Everyone gets on really well around here. They’re very supportive of each other.”

Although the hospitality sector has had it tough, for many businesses Covid has presented an unexpected opportunity to rethink their proposition. East River is no different.

“We’re reopening with a brand new cocktail menu and some changes to our evening food, meaning more small plates and sharers. As people will be able to have parties again we’ll have a new function menu ready for them too.

“We’d just started our Sunday roasts when lockdown three started, so I’m really looking forward to getting them out there again!”

Alongside East River, Allerton Road now boasts cuisines from outlets as eclectic as Baltic Bakehouse‘s Allerton branch, Skaus, Maray and Hope & Smoke. Derek’s Coffee & Sandwiches opened during the 2021 lockdown and more premises are being prepared for opening.

After years with a small handful of restaurants among the more established restaurants and takeaways, the south Liverpool high street has seen an explosion of lauded foodie outlets popping us as eating out becomes more popular with students and young professionals. Josh says the Allerton Road location has been a boon.

“Allerton has a nice community feel and everyone gets on really well around here. They’re very supportive of each other. It’s less of a destination area than Woolton or Lark Lane, but it seems to be on the rise again and there’s a nice culture here.”

“East River is for anyone and everyone. It’s designed to be a casual environment to enjoy great drinks and food from morning to night, whether you’re dropping in for a quick bite or plan to spend the evening with us. Good music, good people, good vibes!”