The Power Of Ten: Tenner Festival Brings Food, Drink and Gifts to Liverpool – For A Tenner

Tenner Festival Bean There Liverpool
Date: 18/10/2020

This October Candice Mulligan is bringing The Tenner Festival to Liverpool. Jamie Tichborne checked in with Candice to find out more – and where you can get a meal, a gift, a care package for just ten English pounds…

It’s fair to say that, with everything that has happened this year, some of the biggest hits have been taken by small businesses. Many have had to shut down and even more are still around but struggling. While the future for them is foggy and confusing, The Tenner Festival has arrived in Liverpool to add a little clarity.

Candice, co-owner of Bean There Coffee Shop on Smithdown Road, has organised over 50 local businesses from across Liverpool to offer ten-pound deals on food, drink, gifts and lots more.

Many of the businesses involved hail from south Liverpool, including Craft Taproom, Tiny Rick’s, Meatless, East River, Evil Eye Burrito Bar and The Watering Can.

Candice says the idea came from an unlikely place…

“I’m from Jersey where there’s a ‘Tennerfest’ each year in October,” says Candice. “It’s a bit different there; restaurants provide a variety of menus with £10, £15, £20 menus for six weeks from October onwards. Loads of restaurants take part each year including some Michelin ones!

“I thought it would be a good idea bring together businesses and try to bring people to the independents…”

“During the summer I thought it would be a good idea to do it on the road, bringing together the businesses and trying to bring people to the independents.

“It was also a way to give a thank you to our customers who have supported us through this challenging time. I contacted a variety of businesses who seemed interested and went from there.”

So what exactly is on offer at the Tenner Festival?

“I am particularly looking forward to trying quite a few of the cocktails on the menu! Also a few of the burgers up at Hope & Smoke and Istanbul. There are so many different places to choose from that it’s difficult to decide where to try first!

One of my favourite ideas is the menu boxes from the Food Sounds, Shrigley & Son and Adam’s Apple collaboration. I am definitely getting one of them this week – especially along with the paired wine from Oddbins!”

“The day after we started we got further restrictions but it’s even more reason to have these promotions!

It’s not just food and drink either at the Tenner Festival.

“There are loads of local online businesses that are selling their art online,” adds Candice.

“We also have a little shop in Bean There with some local artists work, also being sold for a tenner! This includes some lovely plant hangers, photos, prints and craft packs.

“Other shops included are Jennifer Green, who has created an Autumn self care package, Chandlers who are selling some beautiful plants, Christmas lights and storage boxes, and A Slower Space who are also selling some gorgeous plants.

Open Door and Reloved on Wavertree High Street are also taking part as well as Fab Fur on Woolton road. We even have Aruba hair salon involved.”

Candice hopes that The Tenner Festival will be a recurring event – and provide a welcome boost for Liverpool independents.

“I definitely hope to make this an annual event. October can be a bit of a dull month so I think it is a really nice way to brighten it up.

“There is a great sense of community which has grown through the pandemic and I am delighted to be able to reinforce this and hopefully bring more people to the area.

“It is such a shame that the day after we started we got further restrictions and can now only eat and drink in our own bubbles, but I guess it’s even more reason to have these promotions!”