Things to do:

Berry And Rye is a slim venue at the top of town, with eclectic and inspired selection of whiskey, wine and beer – but, mostly, it’s about the whiskey. Rye is, as you’d expect, favoured here: it goes better with the blues, and looks great in a tumbler with a cube of ice and candlelight. Enjoy your old fashioneds with Americana and deep-south steel guitars – the perfect combination.

Berry and Rye calls itself a ‘dive bar’ – and, compared to many style-over-substance bars in the city, we know where it’s coming from. But this is a place run with passion, not pretence. As such, its a welcome addition, and a ‘speakeasy’ that few who’ve discovered want to blab about.

That it’s not on the ‘circuit’ of bars makes it something of an in-the-know place, and a much needed antidote for the Ropewalks area – ground zero for the city’s turbulent nightlife (it’s run by the team behind the equally joyful tiki bar, Aloha.