Things to do:

A Bold Street legend, Maggie May’s downhome cooking’s been keeping the city’s belly full for decades, and still serves up piping hot plates of stew, hearty breakfasts, daily specials and wallet-friendly traditional food.

If you want a bowl of Scouse (that meat and potato stew we keep going on about) this is the place to head. You’ll be eating it with bread, beetroot and pickled red cabbage if you sample it the traditional way, but you can even eat it in a pie these days. Wonder will never cease.

Their ‘scouse in a tin’ makes a curious souvenir. But we can’t tell you whether it’s as tasty as the fresh stuff. DOn’t worry if you can’t make it to Maggie Mays though – you can even pick up some of the scouse stuff in Tesco these days.