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Onion Deli is a homely, warm and welcoming cafe that sources food locally and makes some of the best quick bites in south Liverpool. Feast on enormous bacon sandwiches, stuffed salad pots, piping hot soups and melting toasties.

There more substantial meals to enjoy in or take back home and warm up and quite excellent cakes. If you want, you can take a bit of Onion away with you too. There’s big loaves of bread available from Homebaked Anfield and at night you can take a TV dinner with you for an inexpensive treat.

Vegetarians are well catered for (using fruit and veg from the nearby Maggie’s Farm grocers) with some excellent meat-free breakfasts and frittatas. Grab a Deli Plate or Deli Box and cram it full of veg, slaw, falafel, humus and more besides – all for under a fiver. There’s no booze but you can bring your own and pay corkage to nighttime dining events.

There’s good, plentiful cups of strong filter coffee, a range of teas and brilliant cakes too. Heading to Onion for cake – the homemade Wagon Wheels are a thing of beauty and there are always several desserts to chose from, with vegan flapjacks another highlight – and coffee following a bracing walk in nearby Sefton Park is thoroughly recommended. Cakes are provided by Fudgemental, Say It With Flours and other punning Liverpool-based bakers.

There’s a very Lark Lane feel to Onion, a kind of comfortable, lived-in feel to the place with good music on the stereo and excellent aromas coming form the kitchen.

We like Onion Deli. It’s cheap, warm, welcoming, different. It’s a deli that’s not pretentious and a cafe that’s more than a cafe. Onion feels a little bit rough around the edges. Not as in ‘rough pub’. More ‘loved, lived-in and a bit lazy’. And that’s a very good thing.