Things to do:

Transplanting from the city centre to south Liverpool hasn’t done TriBeCa any harm at all – its simple good-beer-good-pizza approach fits in perfectly in studenty suburbs where a quiet place to eat and drink cheaply will always go down well.

The decor and ambiance is very much the same as the city centre Berry Street TriBeCa – why change a good thing – and the space is open, relaxed and large. Think 70s-diner rotary-telephone chic.

Pizza purist may wrinkle a nose at Malaysian Panang Beef Red Curry and Peking Duck flavours, but the crusts are thin and crispy and there’s not much that gets it he way of flavour and texture – most of the food on offer is traditional, hearty Mediterranean fare.

Salads are impressive too: alongside caesars and caprese there’s the intriguing Watermelon & Feta or Spinach, Pomegranate & Goats Cheese. Desserts include cheesecakes and the frankly filthy nutella and peanut butter & chocolate calzones.

There’s always a wide range of bottled beers and some decent handpumps on rotation and a wide choice of exotic spirits – midweek cocktails for £3.50 are a feature – but it’s the pizzas that are the ace up the sleeve here. There’s regular footy on the big screens and the bar hosts events such as a flea markets.

The main thing? The pizzas at Tribeca are probably are the best in town.