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Overseen by those surefooted people at Leaf, The Garden is a veggie restaurant, licensed, and complete with free wi-fi and great coffees based in FACT.

After struggling with its own in-house offering for a couple of years, FACT handed its cafe space over to Leaf. Having recently, er, branched out from their Baltic headquarters to Bold Street domination it was a no-brainer and The Garden boasts the same chilled-out hipstery vibe while managing not to be wanky.

The greenery of The garden, such as it is, is a pleasant juxtaposition to the polished concrete and glass that makes up FACT’s interior, though it’s still a bit of a stretch to imagine it as anything other than an urban cafe.

Oversized wooden bowls, brimming with salads, locally sourced ingredients making up the hearty sandwiches, soups and daily specials. And, as it’s Leaf-run, expect Fairtrade teas from around the globe There are breakfasts available until midday too though The Garden seems to go to sleep when the light draws in. The FACT bar is upstairs and – if things get really desperate – there’s a snack kiosk on the top floor outside the cinema screens.

The Garden also hosts regular monthly events and meet-ups, as well as providing a perfect space for catching up with your email.