WC Feels: How Loos of Liverpool became an Instagram must-follow

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Date: 18/01/2021

Loos of Liverpool on Instagram showcases the very best water closets in Liverpool. The good, the weird and the plain beautiful. Yes, even the humble bog can be beautiful and in the social media age even the water closet has to raise its selfie game.

With almost 5,000 followers, the account has taken off and is a vibrant display of the amazing bathrooms the city is home to. No toilets of shame here, just the very best Armitage Shanks in Liverpool.

Jason Simon spoke to to the mystery masterminds behind the project to document the very best toilets Liverpool has to offer.

Who is behind Loos of Liverpool?
We are two best friends, we are both twenty-three year old women working in hospitality and children’s education respectively.

What gave you the initial idea for Loos of Liverpool?
We went to Duke Street Market for lunch in October 2019 and we were blown away by their loos! We were talking about how gorgeous they were and how much we love a good loo and the idea to create an Instagram page paying homage to Liverpool’s lovely loos just came to us! 

Toilets at Be At One, Liverpool

Toilets at Be At One

What makes a good or bad loo?
The perfect recipe for a good loo: cleanliness, nice lighting and some cool features! For example, lovely tiles, a fun colour theme, a nice mirror etc!

Bathroom ‘selfies’ are so popular for young people at the moment. In a world of social media, a good bathroom means a picture taken in there and posted on social media which means free promotion for that restaurant or bar.

What makes a bad loo is definitely an unclean one!

Bathroom ‘selfies’ are so popular for young people at the moment. In a world of social media, a good bathroom means a picture taken in there and posted on social media which means free promotion for that restaurant or bar.

How do you manage to find so many interesting looking loos?
Very naturally! We love going out for food and drinks often, we always support the amazing Liverpool independent scene and so we have stumbled upon most of them accidentally whilst out and about in some of our favourite independents!

Do you have any favourite loos?
We wouldn’t want to choose a favourite but we would have to recommend Duke Street Market as that’s where it all began! They are so beautiful and Harry Potter-esque.

We love the flamingos in Cafe Tabac (Bold Street), love the theme and attention to detail of The Watering Can’s stunning toilets (Greenbank Park), the tiles in Crazy Pedros are so funky (Parr Street) and we adore the loos at Ghetto Golf (Stanhope Street) as it is just so entertaining reading all of their hilarious graffiti whilst on the loo!

Do you ever get caught out with your phones out in public toilets?
Yes! It’s always a bit awkward but we just pretend that we are taking a selfie or something. It’s funny!

Ghetto Golf's smallest room, Liverpool

Ghetto Golf’s smallest room

Do you have any interest in showing the worst loos Liverpool has to offer?
We don’t think so no. We like to promote and support all the amazing independents that we have visited in Liverpool and wouldn’t want to offend any businesses! Also, we love that our followers love a fab loo as much as us and we like our very aesthetically pleasing page!

Have you got any funny stories from your time running Loos of Liverpool?
More of a fun story than funny, but we were invited to Ghetto Golf’s VIP re-launch party in the summer which was so amazing and fun and we were so grateful and honoured to be invited. Such a good night and their refurb is incredible. Definitely check out their amazing loo themed hole!

Do you have any specific loos you’d love to photograph but haven’t yet?
We are still working through are extensive list! Next up, we hope, will be the Grade One Listed loos at the Philharmonic pub – really beautiful.

Do you have any ambitions for Loos of Liverpool?
 Yes! We love would love to take this concept further! We love the idea of creating a Loos of Liverpool coffee table book or toilet book with all our pictures! We would want to sell in Liverpool gift shops and cafes and think it would be the dream stocking filler! Coming to stores near you (one day)!

Be sure to follow Loos of Liverpool on Instagram.

All pictures from Loos of Liverpool; main image: Beer Engine