Things to do:

This venerable city centre hotel has seen better days, of that there is no doubt. But its proportions are still grand, and its palm court-inspired elegant reception rooms still evoke something of the golden age of transatlantic liners, even if the service is anything but ship-shape.

Good budget rooms available mid week mean this is a decent place to stay if you’re not planning on spending a lot of time in the rooms. The steerage-style top floors are small and uninspired but at the lowers end there remain flashes of elegance and style, including free-standing baths and classic basins.

The Adelphi has a cavernous and unlovely pub, expensive cocktail bar and a faded pass at fine dining in Crompton’s, rumoured to be a favourite of Ken Dodd’s. In the bowels of the hotel can be found bussed-in OAPs listening to Beatles medleys, a far cry from the squash courts and swimming pools of yesteryears, though you may stumble across one of Liverpool’s quieter gyms if you look close enough.