Interview: Carl Hutchinson – The Fixer

Date: 15/01/2017

Renowned for his interaction with audiences and hot off a stour supporting Chris Ramsey, Geordie Carl Hutchinson has learned to wrestle, relayed his prostate exam and been knocked out by a 15-year-old in the name of stand-up comedy.

It’s ten years since he kicked off with a win at the 2007 Beat The Frog World Series competition. That’s a lot of gigs over the decade, plenty of time to refine an act.

Hutchinson is back touring with a new show, The Fixer, which sees him deconstruct the audience’s suggestions for solving the world’s problems. Che Burnley asked him what the audience at The Epstein Theatre can expect later this month.

You’re latest show is The Fixer, what are you trying to fix?

I just get the audience to tweet in their answer to this question: “If you were PM for the day what one law would you introduce?” It’s a fun way of getting to know the audience without asking the standard “Where you from? What do you do for a living etc?” It’s a good way of ensuring the show is slightly different each time too.

Previous shows included All The Rage, Learning The Ropes and now The Fixer where you deal with minor irritations. Are you an angry man?

Absolutely not, doing the shows gets all the “anger” out of my system. I’m never usually full of rage or anything, but it’s enjoyable to go out there and get angry about stupid things from time to time.

For Learning The Ropes you learnt to wrestle, did you manage transfer any wrestling skills to comedy or vice-versa? Do you still have the Razor Ramon gear?

Yes still have the gear! The pacing of a wrestling match can be similar to pacing a comedy set, it requires you to read the audience and act accordingly.

You’ve recently supported Chris Ramsey for a hometown gig at the Newcastle Metro arena to 6000 people. How did that go and did your parents like it?

I couldn’t breathe before I went on stage, like I’d been for a run and couldn’t get that comfortable air. As soon as I went on that all went away, it was easily the best of my life. My parents loved it, they’ve come to all of my shows up and down the country, doing that show meant so much to me knowing they were in crowd.

Looking forward to playing The Epstein and visiting Liverpool?

Oh definitely! I’ve played there so many times with Chris and I can’t wait to come back for my own show!

Carl Hutchinson – The Fixer
Epstein Theatre
25 May